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Copy the WLWCreateCalendarItemPlugin.dll file into the Windows Live Writer plugins folder, which is typically:

C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins


Setting Plugin Options in Window Live Writer

To set options for this plugin, perform these steps:

1. Click on the Insert tab.

2. Click the Plug-in options button on the ribbon:


3. You may turn the Add to Outlook Calendar Off by making a selection under the Plug-in details group:


4. Clicking the Options… button will display the Outlook calendar selection dialog:


This will be the calendar where the appointments will be created.


Configuring Outlook

Within Microsoft Outlook you need to create one category for each of your blogs.  Here is my current list:


These categories will be used to differentiate your blog posts from other appointments.


Using the Plug-In

Once configured, there is really nothing required to operate the Add to Calendar plugin. It will automatically create and appointment within the selected Microsoft Outlook calendar any time you create a post for future publishing.

Your calendar will look like this:


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